Join us from the comfort of your lounge for a treat with IBM's Rob Thomas and Bill Higgins
Join us from the comfort of your lounge for a treat with IBM’s Rob Thomas and Bill Higgins

Meet Rob Thomas and Bill Higgins from IBM for a journey in the future of AI. AIDAUG is setting up a fantastic and unique opportunity to boost your AI vision by a significant step. Read more to find out about this event.

The 14 is coming soon. No, I am not speaking about Valentine’s day, but one closer to some geeks & nerds: Pi Day. AIDAUG (Artificial Intelligence, Data, and Analytics User Group) is organizing AI for Pi Day for its second year.

This year’s event will bring you geekery and strategy like last year. However, the delivery will be a bit different.

Join us via Zoom at 10:45 am EST on March 14th, 2023. The link is available to all members on the AIDAUG website, you need to be a member, but membership is free.

Bill Higgins is the director of research and development for Watson at IBM. This IBM veteran will talk to us about the new products in AI at IBM. I know what he is working on, and it is super cool. I can’t wait for an update on the latest evolution of technology.

We will completely switch tiers with Rob Thomas, senior vice president of software and Chief Commercial Officer at IBM. Rob will talk about the AI strategy for IBM. I have known Rob for over 15 years and have always greatly appreciated his vision of the industry. You’re in for a treat.

Bill and Rob will take some questions in short Q&A sessions. We will conclude with a more general discussion about AI, data, and analytics with some members of the board of AIDAUG.

We should be wrapping up around 1:00 pm EST. 

AIDAUG will record and share the sessions, but sharing will take some time, as usual. What about living a shared experience? As we did successfully last year, we will open a dedicated Slack channel to all AIDAUG members.