Throughout my career, I have been talking at more than eighty international conferences & public speaking engagements in more countries than I have fingers and on all continents except South America and Asia. As you can imagine, I love going to conferences, not only to learn but also to share knowledge. Here is a non-exhaustive list of public conferences I attended as a speaker and gave lectures. The list also includes some podcasts (starting in 2022).

10/2023Epitech (Strasbourg, France): “HubTalk – Le Modern Data Engineering.
10/2023110All Things Open 2023 (Raleigh, NC, USA): “Let’s Talk Data Contracts, Data Products, Data Mesh, and Open-Source.
9/2023IBM Community (online): “Building your First Data Contract using Open Source Tools.
9/2023IBM TechXchange (Las Vegas, NV, USA): “Put to work the eight sections of a data contract.
5/2023Podcast with Andy Petrella (Kensu): “Les Sept erreurs à éviter lorsque vous implémentez Data Mesh.
5/2023Podcast with Bart Vandekerckhove (Raito): “How Data Mesh, Data Contracts, and Data Access interact at PayPal.
4/2023105Bruno Aziza, Google (online): “Ask the Expert: Data, AI, and Analytics Journey Edition.”
4/2023Data Mesh Learning (online): “Implementing Data Mesh at PayPal.”
3/2023Data Mesh Learning (online): “Towards a Practical Data Mesh Roadmap.
3/2023AIDA User Group‘s AI on Pi Day (online): “Discussions with Rob Thomas and Bill Higgins.
3/2023Technical Meetup Group hosted by IBM (online): “10 Lessons Learned from building a Data Mesh at PayPal.” The Q&A was intense and resulted in two articles: part 1 and part 2 are on this blog.
2/2023100Data Mesh Learning (online): “Topology of Data Product Teams.
2/2023Data Engineering Podcast with Tobias Macey (podcast): “Building A Data Mesh Platform at PayPal.
1/2023Data Mesh Learning (online): “Operating Model for Data Mesh.
11/2022AIDA User Group and Data Mesh Learning (online): “Data Contracts – Are they the future of data management?“, a panel discussion with Charlotte Ledoux, Amy Raygada, and Eric Broda.
11/2022Big Data Conference Europe 2022 (online): “Expert Interview – One Year in a Data Mesh at PayPal.
11/202295IBM TV 2022 (online): “The next generation of Data Platforms is the Data Mesh (v2.3.3).
11/2022All Things Open 2022 (Raleigh, NC, USA): “Building a Data Mesh With Open Source Technologies.
9/2022Data Mesh Radio with Scott Hirleman (podcast): “Making the Data Quantum Leap – Starting from the Data Quantum at PayPal.
4/2022The Select Group (online): “The next generation of Data Platforms is the Data Mesh (v1.2.0).
3/2022AIDA User Group‘s first AI on Pi Day conference (online): “What is AIDA User Group?” with Ralf Roeber.
11/202190AIDA User Group and La French Tech Raleigh-Research Triangle (Raleigh, NC, USA): “AI in 2022, what’s to be expected?“, a panel discussion with Seth Dobrin, Shadi Shahin, and Christophe Bisson.
10/2021All Things Open 2021 (Raleigh, NC, USA): “The Lay of the Land for Data in 2021.
9/2021All Things Open Meetup (Raleigh, NC, USA): “It’s painful how much data rules the world.”
6/2021University of Zagreb, Department of Mathematics (Zagreb, Croatia – online): “Putovanje do Sparka u akciji, 2. izdanje (The Journey to Spark in Action).
6/2021The Select Group (online): “Ten tips to help IT & Business understand each other.”
3/202185Illinois Tech (online): “The Journey to Spark in Action, 2nd edition.
1/2021 The Select Group (online): “Building Enterprise Software Today.
10/2020All Things Open 2020 (online): “Advance Auto Parts and Open Source,” with Adolfo Rodriguez.
10/2020All Things Open 2020 (online): “Big Data made easy with a Spark (3.0)” (Extended Session).
10/2020FAISE (online): “North Carolina is an unknown gem for French entrepreneurs.
9/202080Northern VA Codecamp (online): “Spark 3 is here to unify Big Data.”
8/2020SQL Data Partners‘ podcast: “Episode 203: Spark in Action.
7/2020Open Source 101 (online): “Big Data – Apache Spark 3.0 in 45 minutes.
7/2020The Select Group (online): “From Data to AI: Transforming Your Enterprise for the Digital Age.”
7/2020French-American Chamber of Commerce of the Carolinas (online): “From Data to AI: Transforming Your Enterprise for the Digital Age.”
10/201975All Things Open 2019 (Raleigh, NC, USA): “Big Data made easy with a Spark” (Extended Session).
7/2019The Weekly Squeak podcast: “Apache Spark with Jean-Georges Perrin, Twine, Alexa, and the NHS.
6/2019Call for Code virtual hackathon: “Building a solid data platform that can scale: best practices you can use right away.
5/2019Roaring Elephant with Jhon Masschelein (podcast): “Spark in Action with author Jean-Georges Perrin.” Listen to part 1 and part 2.
4/2019Making Data Simple with Al Martin (podcast): “Spark, Hadoop and more with Jean-Georges Perrin.
4/201970Open Source 101 (Columbia, SC, USA): “Big Data made easy with Spark.”
3/2019Triangle Apache Spark Meetup (RTP, NC, USA): “An intro to Spark, why is Spark an Operating System?
3/2019Veracity Solutions (Salt Lake City, UT, USA): “Latest trends in AI from IBM Think.
2/2019IBM Think (San Francisco, CA, USA): “Why I love Spark (and all it does for IBM products).”
12/2018Data Engineering Podcast with Tobias Macey (podcast): “Putting Apache Spark Into Action with Jean Georges Perrin – Episode 60.
12/201865Veracity Solutions (Salt Lake City, UT, USA): “The road to AI is paved with pragmatic intentions, Christmas Edition.
11/2018Converge 2018 (Park City, Utah, USA): “Future of data, what are the trends for 2019?
10/2018All Things Open 2018 (Raleigh, NC, USA): “Big Data made easy with a Spark.
8/2018NC Tech Association and Veracity Solutions (Raleigh, NC, USA): “The road to AI is paved with pragmatic intentions.
3/2018IBM Think (Las Vegas, NV, USA): “Spark in 10 minutes.
12/201760Triangle Apache Spark Meetup (RTP, NC, USA): “Key takeaways from Spark Summit Europe 2017.
10/2017Spark Summit Europe 2017 (Dublin, Ireland): “Extending Apache Spark’s ingestion: building your own Java data source.
10/2017All Things Open 2017 (Raleigh, NC, USA).
10/2017NCDevCon (Raleigh, NC, USA): “Big Data made easy thanks to Spark.
6/2017Triangle Apache Spark Meetup (RTP, NC, USA): “Key takeaways from Spark Summit 2017.
6/201755Spark Summit 2017 (San Francisco, CA, USA): “The key to Machine Learning is prepping the right data.” You can also read the related article.
3/2016Grey Culbreth Middle School (Chapel Hill, NC, USA): “HTML: Or how the web got started…
7/2015ISC 2015 (Frankfurt, Germany): “When High-Performance Storage meets High-Performance Computing.”
6/2015Clusir Est (Strasbourg, France): “Understanding IoT.”
4/2015IIUG 2015 (San Diego, California, USA): “Programming with Java & Informix: using JDBC.”
4/201550IIUG 2015 (San Diego, California, USA): “Best practices in Informix application development,” a panel discussion where I was the moderator, my panel included Tom Beebe, Gary Ben-Israel, Art Kagel, Shawn Moe, and Yunming Wang.
11/2014Informix conference (Montpellier, France – video conference from North Carolina): “Why do businesses need NoSQL?” (Pourquoi les entreprises ont besoin de NoSQL ?) – this conference was actually canceled on the organization side.
5/2014Adria IUG 2014 (Zagreb, Croatia): “Understanding why you need NoSQL.”
4/2014IIUG 2014 (Miami, Florida, USA): “JSON in your engine – what does that mean?
11/2013La Presse au Futur – Press’future (Paris, France): “Vision of publishing in 2013: focus on needs.”
7/201345AmCham monthly meeting (Strasbourg, France): “Entrepreneurship in the USA: a French perspective.”
6/2013Bureau Mobile (Strasbourg, France): “Marketing + Technology = Magic.”
6/2012Rhenatic ThemaTechnique (Strasbourg, France): “Strategic vision of Open Data in the enterprise.”
5/2012Organization of “Developer Forum & Informix TechDay 2012,” at the University of Strasbourg (Strasbourg, France), with IBM and IIUG.
5/2012DeveloperForum (Strasbourg, France): “Thoughts for standardizing PaaS.”
5/201240Adria IUG Conference (Zagreb, Croatia): “Informix is not for Legacy Applications,” this is an updated version from 4/2010.
1/2012Sandlach Business Club (Haguenau, France): “What is moving on the web?
1/2012Ad’mission (Strasbourg, France): “Intelligence or how to stay competitive with the web.”
12/2011Chamber of Commerce (Strasbourg, France): “Increase and measure your performance on the Internet.”
12/2011M Systems International, Inc. (Durham, NC, USA): “Schools facing the 21st Century.”
11/201135DCF (Sales Manager of France) (Colmar, France): “Sell more on the web.”
6/2011Reseau Entreprendre (Strasbourg, France): “Build your web strategy without getting screwed.”
5/2011Chamber of Commerce (Mulhouse, France): “The new trends of the web.”
5/2011In conjunction with Activis (Strasbourg, France): “Boost your website.”
4/2011Rotary Haguenau (Haguenau, France): “The web in 2011, where are we?
4/201130International Space University (Strasbourg, France): “The new trends of the web.”
4/2011IBM / UGIF (Paris, France): “Informix is not only for Point of Sales.”
4/2011Nord IT Days (Lille, France): “Content is growth. We can prove it.”
10/2010Alsace IT Days (Strasbourg, France): “What is moving on the web?
10/2010TEDxAlsace (Mulhouse, France): “The Humans and the Machines.
5/201025CogiFactory (Mulhouse, France): “10 new things I learned at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco.”
4/2010IIUG Conference 2010 (Kansas City, KS, USA): “Informix is not for Legacy Applications.”
3/2010SF New Tech (San Francisco, CA, USA): “Don’t give up your brand.”
3/2010Ignite (Casablanca, Morocco).
2/2010Organization and presenter of Ignite Strasbourg #2 (Strasbourg, France).
12/200920J3D (Strasbourg, France): “Telecommuting: an efficient, durable and economic way to work.”
10/2009Organization of “DeveloperForum5”, fifth edition of a software engineering conference, jointly with the University of Strasbourg (Strasbourg, France).
9/2009Organization and presenter of Ignite Strasbourg #1 (Strasbourg, France): “How I fell into IT.”
6/2009Last Thursday (Strasbourg, France): “Java: it’s not ugly, it’s not slow and it compiles.”
4/2009IIUG Conference 2009 (Overland Park, KS, USA): “Web 2.0 – Understand it. Develop for it.”
3/200915Technopole (Mulhouse, France): “What can you do with social networks.” Coverage by Le Periscope.
12/2008Rhenatic (Mulhouse, France): “Future of Workgroup Tools.”
9/2008Organization of “DeveloperForum4,” fourth edition of a software engineering conference, jointly with the University of Strasbourg (Strasbourg, France).
4/20082008 IIUG Conference (Overland Park, KS, USA): “IDS Does Hibernate in the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall,” a tutorial on ORM technologies and “Applied SOA” a pragmatic introduction to Software Oriented Architecture.
2/20082008 IBM Premium Support Conference (Paris, France): “Pragmatic SOA,” a pragmatic introduction to Software Oriented Architecture with examples using IBM DataStudio and IDS.
8/200710Publication of “IDS Purifies XML,” an article explaining in details how to use the new XML features built in IDS Cheetah in IBM DB2 Magazine (CMP, Q3 20007) and
6/2007Organization of “European Developer Forum,” a conference and gathering of developers around software engineering. Brainstorming around management of source code (Illkirch Graffenstaden, France). It replaces the Java days and became the DeveloperForum.
5/2007Several lectures and educational seminar on Java: “Introduction to Java Development with IDS,” “IDS purifies XML,” and “Introduction to EJB3 development with IDS and Viper,” at IDUG 2007 – North America Conference (San Jose, CA, USA).
12/2006Lecture on “Introduction to Java development with IDS,” at Forum 2006 (Annandale, VA, USA).
10/2006Lecture on “Informix 4GL to EGL, Hype or Reality?”, “Introduction to Java development with IDS,” and “Introduction to PHP development with IDS,” at the IDUG 2006 – Europe Conference (Vienna, Austria).
9/20065Lecture on “Converting Excel to XML using POI and Xerces,” at the Strasbourg Java Users Group meeting. Organization of the second “Club Java” meeting.
5/2006Lecture on “Introduction to Java development with IDS,” at the IDUG 2006 – North America Conference (Tampa, FL, USA).
6/2005Organization of the first “Club Java” meeting in Strasbourg, France.
9/2004.Lecture on “J2EE and EGL Essentials for 4GL Developers,” at the IBM DB2 Information Management Technical Conference (Las Vegas, NV, USA).
4/2004Lecture on “WebSphere / J2EE Implementation Made (Very) Easy,” at the Informix User Forum (Annandale, VA, USA).

Unfortunately, I did not keep track of the talks I gave before April 2004. If you have any, please send them my way.

Please see the list of publications I have been published in. More about me.

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