Jean-Georges "jgp" Perrin standing next to the statue of Sir Walter Raleigh in front of the Raleigh Convention Center.
Standing in front of the convention center, next to the statue of Sir Walter Raleigh.

On September 15th, 2021, after more than 18 months, I was finally able to give a talk in person. My conference schedule did not really go down during the pandemic, but talking to yourself has its limit of sanity.

“It’s painful how much data rules the world” was the title of my last conference, in the Raleigh Convention Center in collaboration with All Things Open (ATO) and the fabulous Todd Lewis.

Covid-19 Safety at the Raleigh Convention Center

Before going into the talk, I wanted to share my experience with the safety precautions taken by the Raleigh Convention Center and All Things Open.

Before I entered the building, a very polite agent asked me for my vaccination card, which I had. Another agent took my temperature with a contactless industrial thermometer and asked me a few questions (the usual ones, as in, when did you have your last bourbon? and so on).

In the building, everything was clean and neat, as expected.

The room was almost set up like an exam room: one person per table, large tables, plenty of physical distancing allowing good social interactions nevertheless.

The room as it was filling up. We ended up with a filled room of about 30 people, excluding the AV and ATO staff.

Full talk & slides

Here is the full recording:

And you can follow along with the slides.

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    1. Man… That was sooooo good! People in the audience, questions, answers, laughs (I think we laugh a lot when I talk, I need to investigate that), face to face, chat… I was missing a good beer with friends after that, but I still have almost an hour to drive. Soon!

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