List of publications where I have been an author.

9/2017 Article: “Offloading your Informix data in Spark, Part 3: Complex analysis“ on IBM developerWorks (USA).
8/2017 Article: “Offloading your Informix data in Spark, Part 2: Basic analysis of your data“ on IBM developerWorks (USA).
7/2017 Article: “Offloading your Informix data in Spark, Part 1: Collecting the data“ on IBM developerWorks (USA).
7/2017 Article: “Meet Cactar, the Ancient Mongolian Warlord of Data Quality” on DZone (USA).
4/2017 Book: “Informix 12.10 on Mac 10.12 with a dash of Java 8” on Amazon (USA).
2/2017 Article: “What Are Spark Checkpoints on Data Frames?” on DZone (USA).
2/2017 Article: “You Are Not a Machine, So Learn Machine Learning” in Database Trends and Applications (USA).
12/2016 Article: “Spark in a few hours” in Programmez ! (France).
3/2016 Article: “A Better Understanding of the Raspberry Pi Performances” in Programmez ! (France).
2/2016 Article: “Timeline : 1985, Projet : Informix 4GL” in Programmez ! (France), coauthored with Eric Vercelletto.
4/2015 Article: “Demystifying the Internet of Things (IoT)” for 2CRSI.
7/2013 Sci-fi essay: “Bad Mood Is History: A Scenario” in The Futurist (USA), coauthored with Liz Leone.
8/2008 Article: “Six Web 2.0 Lessons” an article summarizing the consequences on databases of Web 2.0 projects in IBM Database Magazine (CMP, Q3 2008).
8/2007 Article: “IDS Purifies XML” an article explaining in details how to use the new XML features built in IDS Cheetah in IBM DB2 Magazine (CMP, Q3 2007) and
12/2006 Study on Informix-4GL and clones: “Development Tools in 2006: any Room for a 4GL-style Language?”, which was featured on numerous web sites and used as a reference. The study is available on
10/2006 Tutorial for IBM’s developerWorks: “Push the Limits of Java UDRs in Informix Dynamic Server v10” coauthored with Hal Maner.
9/2006 Article: “PHP and IDS: The popular Web-development language provides a powerful and easy way to access Informix data”, discusses about PHP Data Objects and IBM Informix Dynamic Server in DB2 Magazine (CMP, Q3 2006).
9/2005 Article: “ThinStructure, a new Generation of Tools” in Software Developer’s Journal Extra, written in English and French, translated in German, Spanish, and Polish.
8/1992 Book: “Une approche du C” (An approach to C), a 322-page book on C and C++ coauthored with Frédéric Hahn.

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