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Jean-Georges Perrin "jgp" is a technology leader focusing on building innovative and modern data platforms at PayPal, president of AIDAUG, and author of Spark in Action, 2nd edition (Manning).

He is passionate about software engineering and all things data. His latest endeavors bring him to more and more data engineering, data governance, industrialization of data science, and his favorite theme, the Data Mesh. He is proud to have been recognized as a Lifetime IBM Champion. Jean-Georges shares more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry as a presenter and participant at conferences and publishing articles in print and online media.

When not immersed in IT, which he loves, he enjoys exploring Upstate New York and New England with his wife and kids.

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Data Mesh for all ages
Data Mesh for all ages

Data Mesh for all ages is a pragmatic book for anyone interested in data, from six months old to 127 years old.

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My beer & bourbon Thanksgiving turkey

Beer and bourbon can make a juicy & tasteful turkey for Thanksgiving or any occasion. The recipe covers brine, prepping, and cooking.

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If the Data Mesh were a Data Flight

This article lists a few resources regarding Data Mesh. I will admit that this is a biased list of resources. I tried to strictly follow the lineage initiated by Zhamak Dehghani.

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The vocabulary of data mesh

With every concept comes new words: this post illustrates some of the neologism brought by the Data Mesh paradigm. Let’s explore them.

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Dubai's skyline is a good example of architecture, but not enterprise architecture
DataFriday is back with a focus on architects

After a (too long) hiatus, DataFriday is back. The first episode of the new season was released last Friday, January 14, 2022. It focuses on defining Enterprise Architects and how they are perceived and what they really bring to the enterprise.

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Ethics brings trust
Why would I care about AI being ethical?

As AI ramifies in our society, as citizens, we need to demand explainability to guarantee trust.

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