They are magnificent. Fresh like lilies of the valley in fields at the beginning of May. Appetizing like petits pains au chololat (chocolate croissants) coming out of the oven. Delightful like a sunset over the mountain. Data Mesh for all ages is a reality.

Jean-Georges Perrin holdind the first edition of Data Mesh for all ages
Jean-Georges Perrin holding the first edition of Data Mesh for all ages

Data Mesh for all ages is a humble work trying to explain Data Mesh and its four principles to anyone. The challenge is to explain a fairly complex paradigm to an audience ranging from kindergartners to senior citizens.

The little 16-page book uses friendly characters to explain data mesh.

What do kids love? The police, firefighters, trucks, cars, and more. Mingling this children-friendly environment with the key elements of data mesh was one of the idea that drove me.

Police and fire fighters are kids favorite.

And it had to feature a dlamatian, no?

Buy the book on Etsy:

A special attention to my international friends: I sold some books in Canada, Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Australia, and, of course, the United States. It’s been a success I did not expect. However, Etsy charges an outrageous amount for shipping – I am not even blaming Etsy here, it’s just is… I will set up international printing (most likely via Amazon). I will keep you updated on this part of the project.

As a reminder, half of the profits made with this book are going to two charities: Black Girls Code ( and Girls Who Code ( 

Thanks for being awesome.