Data Mesh is gradually revolutionizing data engineering practices around the world. The pace is accelerating, and, as a community, we need to provide more training material. Data Mesh for all ages is a pragmatic book for anyone interested in data, from six months old to 127 years old.

Data Mesh for all ages is available in soft and hard covers in my Etsy store.

Regarding books, as of now, you have a limited selection. Of course, there is Zhamak Dehghani’s excellent reference book, Data Mesh: Delivering Data-Driven Value at Scale. More recently, Manning published Data Mesh in Action by Jacek Majchrzak (and the guy who wrote the foreword is nonetheless your humble servant), which provides another approach, more pragmatic.

However, both books assume that the reader has some computer science, data engineering, or software engineering background.

What about the billions of people who are not masters at dbt or Airflow? What about all those kindergarten kids waiting to make their career choice? The rebel inside me could not let that go on.

Domain ownership is one of the four principles of the Data Mesh paradigm.

So, after successfully building a data mesh with a few teams of brilliant architects and engineers, I needed to share the concept of data mesh with more than the traditional audience of computer book readers. I mean not only the COO, CEO, CMO, and other non-technical CxO but also toddlers and elementary school students. With an unbeatable ratio of illustration-to-words is unbeatable.

In Data Mesh for all ages, I am talking to all of us. You do not have to be a geek or a nerd (although you can also be). The book is available for pre-order from my Etsy store at

The book is a bit pricey, but printing costs for small series are astronomical. Nevertheless, you are also doing a good deed by buying the book. I commit to donating half of the profits to two great organizations: Black Girls Code ( and Girls Who Code ( This page will be updated with the donations.

Buy the book on Etsy at

3 thoughts on “Data Mesh for all ages

  1. Hello Jean-George,

    Hope all’s well with you.

    I’d like to buy your book but it’s going to cost me nearly £25 to get shipped to the UK. Would you consider selling me a PDF version for the same price as the soft cover edition?


    1. I know… First of all, thanks so much for reaching out… I know. Shipping is crazy and it’s turning down sales quite a bit. I am investigating ways to distribute them more globally. I am almost there (well, I hope). It should also include an electronic version.

      I will also send the first batch this week as they are coming back from the printer. About half of my orders are from Canada and Europe. I saw what some people had to pay to ship to Canada (3 hours away!) it’s insane. So once the package is all ready, I’ll see what is the real cost and reimburse people from the difference.

      Stay tuned!

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