First, Apple has removed Java from the Mac (I think it was in Mountain Lion). Thanks to all the kids around me playing with Minecraft (me included), Java is back on all the Macs I manage (thank god I manage Macs!).

Second, there is this nightmare thing with Chrome and Java and 64 bits. Chrome is a 32-bit browser, which means that all plugin should be 32 bits and not 64. However, Oracle does not publish anymore a 32-bit Java (runtime or development kit) for the Mac. As a summary, if you need to run applets on your Mac, your last resort is Safari or Tomcat.

Third, I don’t like the Oracle logo on the website. But it is maybe because I like blue better than red.

NetBeans 7.4 on my Mac

Setting up a Java development environment is no easy task. I recently wanted to install NetBeans 7.4 on my Mac and it was not a fun part of work.

NetBeans install - The package will
NetBeans install – The package will run…

Fine with me!

NetBeans install - No JDK
NetBeans install – No JDK.

This is specially annoying as I have a running Eclipse…