Miami skyline, July 2010 (c) Jean Georges Perrin.
Miami skyline, July 2010 (c) Jean Georges Perrin.

Just forget it. I am not going to Miami to see those Art-Nouveau buildings. I am not going there to enjoy South Beach or seafood. I will not walk on the boardwalk. Nope. I am going to Miami to talk.

I just learned that the IIUG CPC (Conference Planning Committee) has selected my talk for the 2014 IIUG Conference in Miami, Florida. My talk will be around storing & using JSON in the engine (read: the Informix engine) and is entitled “JSON in your engine – what does that mean?“.

Informix 12.1 introduced JSON in the engine, making Informix one of the very first mainstream hybrid databases for storing both relational and NoSQL data.

In this session, we will discover:

  • An introduction to JSON.
  • A (personal) history about hybrid databases and why I use them.
  • Getting started with Informix and JSON.
  • Your first Java apps with Informix and JSON.

At the end of the session, you will be able to:

  • Understand the difference between XML and JSON in the engine.
  • How does those features apply to your projects, if they do.
  • How to get started.


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