You need a JDK, got it?

Instead of following the link, I went straight to, where I downloaded and installed “Java”. It is a pretty straight process that does not require any explanation here.

Of course, I am no rookie in Java. I know that the JRE is basically the virtual machine (the Runtime Environment) and that the JDK is the Development Kit. So why is there no link to the JDK when you visit

And, if I am not mistaken (but please tell me in the comments if I am), JDK = JRE + tools.jar, nope? How big is tools.jar anyway?

To get the JRE: go to, it’s fine and there… But NetBeans will not work with it…

To get the JDK: you can go to (my old favorite site) and you are in the more professional environment. Click on download Java SE and you should get around here:

Agree to the license, pick your Mac 64 bit and download it.

Installing the JDK

Although installing the JDK is a straight process, I kept the screen shots here as a reference.

JDK welcome screen
JDK welcome screen.
JDK Space requirement (ouch!)
JDK Space requirement (ouch!)
JDK requires your login and password
JDK requires your login and password.
JDK installation is smooth
JDK installation is smooth.
And done...
And done…