It’s a usual time in the year to wish people we know and appreciate all the good things we wish them and they wish for themselves. I have sent my best wishes and I now wish to wish you all best wishes for 2007.

Six times in 2 sentences, not bad…

2007 will be fantastic for me.

Best wishes for 2007
Best wishes for 2007

“If you don’t set objectives, you will not reach them.” — Japanese Proverb

Yes, it will be. Do you know why? Because I am tired of having bad years! I have decided to reverse the trend and take my destiny back in hands! And you know the best part of it? I wish you exactly the same!

I want my 2007 to be around Asia, with hopefully one or more trips and numerous opportunities out there…

I sincerely wish your objectives to become reality in 2007 and, if I can help you, I will be more than happy to contribute to your success!