Apache Spark has been a game changer for distributed data processing, thanks to an easy to understand API, a focus on simplicity, and an adoption of modern infrastructure.

Apache Spark with Java by Jean Georges Perrin
Apache Spark with Java by Jean Georges Perrin

However, rumors and gossips are always hurting:

No, you do not need to learn Scala to learn, use, and deploy Spark.

No, you do not need to be a Hadoop guru to understand Spark.

Because, as a Java and data architect, I was lacking some key information about Spark and I was tired of fighting the Scala/Hadoop battle, I decided to write a book for the Java developer, the relational database user, the data architect, and all of us that consider that learning a technology should be an evolution of our skills, not a complete revolution.

You bring your Java skills, and I am doing my best to teach you Spark. You come with your database skills and I will do my best at showing a path to Big Data.

And here is, for Pi day 2018, Spark with Java. It is not a finished product, it is what Manning calls a MEAP (Manning early access program), see it as an alpha version to which you can add features. You can get the¬†book¬†right¬†now¬†for¬†50% off¬†using the¬†coupon code¬†DOTD031418¬†(valid only for Pi day 2018) and¬†if¬†you’re¬†fast¬†enough, I am¬†giving¬†ONE book¬†away¬†with the coupon code¬†sparkwjava-A1F4.¬†Only one, completely free, so hurry…

When I will hit the end of the book, I will click on the print button and it goes to Barnes & Noble, Flyleaf, and other bookstores… Yes, it will also be on Amazon.

Today, you will only get chapter 1 and chapter 2, but chapter 7 is revised, sent to my editor. Chapter 8 will be draft by the beginning of the next week, and so on. The code is available on GitHub, as usual.

Writing a book is a tremendously hard process. There are already a lot of people I am thankful for, but it will come in a next post. As an author, you give a lot and I sincerely hope that you, as a reader, will enjoy it.

Happy reading.