In the 21st century, we will all have flying cars... Photo (C) x-ray delta one on Flickr.
In the 21st century, we will all have flying cars… Photo (C) x-ray delta one on Flickr.

Like many people, I am convinced that 4GL has its place in the 21st century, between Java and .net or with Java and .net. Maybe the economic model of “compiler” + “run time” is a little archaic, maybe not. Change usually implies fear and the human beings like to preserve their environment. Is it similar with his development environment? What would be the consequences for a business? Is it OO (Object Orientation) that is the threat? Is it the lack of communications? Is it the lack of standard? What about the web? What about web integration? What about productivity tools such as automated unit testing, code generator, comment generator and so much more…

I would like to answer many of these questions and even more and really try to understand where 4GL fits in 2006. Is it near a cliff? Is it booming?

Education is key to so many things. I hope this study will be educative and that you will contribute to it.

The attached document is really a “place holder”, it has some questions, some choices to be made, but I voluntarily choose a Word document that everybody can edit, modify, destroy, recreate to fit your needs, this is sometimes a little friendly than a pure web-based survey!

Please consider answering before April 17th (Easter week-end for those who are celebrating) it gives you about a month to reply. My goal is to release the study during the IIUG / IDUG conference in Tampa (May 7th to 11th). IIUG will have its AGM (Annual General Meeting) during this conference. It would also be a good occasion to meet again and/or to send some of your team mates to the major education event (and I will be speaking…).

Once again, I wish to emphasize on the importance of this study. I would like to thank you in advance. If you know anyone ranging from C-level execs, to developers via VPs, sales, QA people that would have something to say, please forward them this e-mail.

The document can be downloaded here : 4GLMarketSurvey-US-005.

Note on 2006-04-21:
My original wish was to present the result during IIUG AGM (Annual General Meeting) which will be held during the IIUG/IDUG Conference in Tampa. However, some of the participants in the survey wished to discuss with me about their needs, their vision and their wishes for 4GL during this event. I then decided to extend the time to run for participating in the study and I hope you will participate.