IDUG 2006 North America
IDUG 2006 North America

I just wonder. Is it frustration or an honor?

From time to time, I check Google to see if I am not too badly rated, and I tried – for the first time ever – to look for me on the Google Images.

The third picture showed food from a buffet at the WAIUG forum in 2004: “Solutions for IBM Informix and DB2 Users, A One-Day User Group Technical Conference”. I was presenting “WebSphere / J2EE Implementation Made (Very) Easy”, while I was working for Awoma. Me associated to food, what a surprise.

You cannot escape the power of Go(d)ogle I guess :). Link:

Anyway, if you think about learning more IBM Informix technologies, development, administration, spend a great time, I suggest you consider attending the IDUG North America 2006. I will speak, but if you want to escape me, there is plenty of other tracks to go to.


And they even run a blog: