Why a book on Informix?

Informix has been a passion for almost 20 years. Very often, a younger version of myself would say:

“I don’t like databases, that’s why I use Informix”.

This passion drove me to sit on the board of IIUG for a little over 14 years.

Why now?

On this very special day of the opening of the 2017 IIUG Conference (and the celebration of St George and the first round of an incredible presidential Election in France), I wanted to release my book: Informix 12.10 on Mac 10.12 with a dash of Java 8: or the Tale of the Apple, the Coffee, and a Great Database. A lot of stuff is also going on… The conference, which I am missing is only 35 miles away from my home (in Raleigh, NC), HCL will now handle Informix development. I think it is a good time to remind everyone out there how great Informix is!

Tell us what’s in…

Informix 12.10 on Mac 10.12 or the Tale of the Apple, the coffee, and a Great Database
Informix 12.10 on Mac 10.12 or the Tale of the Apple, the coffee, and a Great Database
This book details the installation of Informix on the Mac and basic steps to use Java to develop applications. While I cannot guarantee that you will become an expert by reading this book, but in a very short amount of time, you will be able to run Java apps on the most resilient RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) out there. Informix is a very “stealth” database, when it runs, it is crazily available, but sometimes, getting “into it” might not be the easiest! This guide will walk you through each step of the installation and will try to make you avoid pitfalls – pits are particularly dangerous in North Carolina!

The book includes a lot of Java and JDBC examples, which you can also get from GitHub. They are perfect for Java beginners. It also includes a Informix Cheat Sheet (revision 001) (referenced in the beginning of the book), which can be helpful for keeping track of some basic operations.

The book, the examples, and the cheat sheet will be enhanced over time, based on feedback, in a modern agile way of publishing. For a limited time, this early release edition will be available for only $9.99 – all updates will be free.

Happy reading!

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