Following President Trump’s election, some European countries have started reacted through their humorists in a very original way, mixing apprehension, gratitude, and (a little bit of) fear.

It all started by the Netherlands who did not want to be left alone, as they published this video on January 22nd, 2017:

If was followed by other countries with more or less taste.

Denmark, Switzerland, and Germany replied on February 2nd, 2017:

Lithuania, Portugal, and Belgium came on February 3rd, 2017:

The first Asian country, Kazakhstan (but where is Borat?), came on February 4th:

France appeared on February 5th:

Luxembourg came on February 6th, as well Australia, Italy:

Brazil, Japan came on February 11th:

For Valentine’s Day, India joined the lot:

(More to come…)

What do you think? Which on is your favorite? Why do you hate them all? You find a new one? Just paste it in the comments.



  • 06-Feb-2017: Luxembourg added.
  • 07-Feb-2017: Germany fixed, France added.
  • 16-Feb-2017: Italy added, as well as Australia. Oh, Brazil, Japan too. Fixed The Netherlands… And India!

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