Data is more and more available as self service in the enterprise
Data is more and more available as self service in the enterprise. Is the next step pay per volume and taxes on data?

Mica is data preparation tool, which can be used by anyone… It makes it a self-service data preparation software. Data scientists and engineers can use it for discovery, curation, and governance of data.

Recently (August 25th 2016), Gartner, the famous analyst, published a report on such tools: Market Guide for Self-Service Data Preparation (G00304870). In this report, analysts Rita L. Sallam, Paddy Forry, Ehtisham Zaidi, and Shubhangi Vashisth compare 36 tools. This report splits the tools in 3 categories:

  • Stand-alone full self-service data preparation vendors and products.
  • Stand-alone vendors with a focus on cataloging.
  • Embedded self-service data preparation sold only as part of either modern BI&A (Business Intelligence and Analytics) or advanced analytics platforms.
Stand-Alone Full Self-Service Stand-Alone With Focus on Cataloging Embedded Self-Service
Zaloni Bedrock v4.1 with Mica v1.1. Y
Wrangler Spring 2016 release and Wrangler Enterprise Spring 2016 release. Y
Waterline Data v2. Y
Unifi v1.1. Y
Trifacta. Y
TIBCO Software Spot re Professional v7.6. Y
Tamr. Y
Talend Data Preparation v1.2. Y
Tableau Software Desktop v10.0. Y
SAP BusinessObjects Lumira v1.31. Y
SAP BusinessObjects Cloud v1.0.56. Y
SAP Agile Data Preparation Version 1.8. Y
Qlik Sense Enterprise v3.0. Y
Pentaho Business Analytics v6.1. Y
Paxata Adaptive Data Preparation. Y
Oracle Data Visualization On-premises v12.2.1.1 and Cloud v16.2.5. Y
Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service v16.2.5. Y
Oracle Big Data Discovery v1.2. Y
MicroStrategy v10.3. Y
Microsoft Power BI Desktop. Y
Lavastorm Native Agile ETL v6. Y
Informatica Rev Big Data v10.1 and Cloud vMarch 2016 (will be renamed as Collaborative Data Preparation). Y
IBM Watson Analytics v2.0 Y
IBM SPSS Modeler v18 with SPSS Statistics v24. Y
IBM DataWorks vGen-3. Y
IBM Cognos Analytics v11.1. Y
Dell Software Toad Data Point v3.8 with Toad Intelligence Central v2.7. Y
Datawatch Monarch Complete v13.3.1 with Monarch Server v13.2. Y
Datameer v6. Y
Data Virtuality v1.10. Y
ClearStory Data v2.5. Y
Cambridge Semantics Anzo Smart Data Platform v3.5 with Anzo Smart Data Integration v2 and Anzo Smart Data Manager v1. Y
Booz Allen Hamilton Sailfish v1.1. Y
Attivio Data Source Discover v5.1 Y
Alteryx v10.6. Y
Alation v3.1. Y


Here are the great things Gartner says about Zaloni’s Mica (and Bedrock):

Bedrock and Mica combine to offer self-service data preparation capabilities on an end-to-end, managed data lake, not just for use within the self-service data preparation application. They also offer the ability to enrich the metadata catalog, provision enriched datasets back into the data lake, and operationalize the process used to create them. Mica automatically converts the UI steps into Spark code and transfers it to Bedrock, which creates a work ow. The Bedrock workflow can be scheduled/modified by IT to operationalize the process.

So now that data is available self-service, like at the gas station, are we expecting to see enterprises to sell this data internally from one department to another? Are we seeing a tax coming like on gas? After all, data consumption follows the consumer goods of the 20th century: from the grocery (obscure IT department) to the super market (modern CIO). Data is maturing and living great times.

Read more about Mica here.

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