Alexandre Winter talking about Placemeter
Alexandre Winter talking about Placemeter / Photo ©

If I understood the value prop correctly, Placemeter is to brick and mortar what Google Analytics is to the web.

When I met Alexandre (Alex) Winter, their CEO, I was still living in Alsace and we met in a weinstub, near the Cathedral of Strasbourg. I was awfully late this day (still running on the French mode). Alex wanted to check the opportunity to have a dev team (as in software engineering development) in France, while the management was in the US.

The guy was not a rookie. Although we all know than 1971 is much better than 1972, Alex was graduated from France’s top schools, moved to the US (smart move), and developed then sold LTU Technologies, a pioneer and now leader in image recognition.

Fast forward to 2016. Placemeter now ships this incredible solution which can count humans, cars, name it in the context of flows in a store, a street… Why does it matter? Just think for a minute that you are running a shop. You decide to run a promo on Tuesdays to increase sales that day, as they are a little weak. Of course, in a few weeks, you’ll know if your revenues have increased, but they may be other factors and you will never really know if the $1,000s of dollars spent in the local paper have actually brought you more people to the store. Another example… You run a chain and you want to compare sales performance. You can always look at revenues, but what about looking at one side of the coin. What about revenue per visitors? What about number of transactions for 100 visitors?

Placemeter can help you deal with that, just as Google Analytics does for the web part (and if you’re really smart, you’d combine both.)

Placemeter is a smart solution that is totally integrated in today’s world. Good luck to them!


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