A couple of months ago, a friend of mine showed me the original Informix Cheetah video. I got back to him and he gave me right to put it on YouTube. Later I put my election video on YouTube and now I released a more ambitious project.

I needed five partners. I found five, which are, in random order: One Point Solutions (http://www.One-Point.com), eSmartSoft (http://www.esmartsoft.com.eg), Gillani (http://www.gillani.com), Epigones Group (http://www.epigones-group.com) and Querix (http://www.querix.com).

Together we did a common video. The video is called “Informix Partners to the Rescue”. The project was hosted by GreenIvory, LLC. I’ll let you appreciate the result.

Here is the synopsis:

The grocery stores evolved to become supermarkets, their IT evolved as well, up to a point… Krog-Mart had a dramatic IT failure after the implementation of GlobuCz. Will John Guillaume Parker and the Informix partners recover Krog-Mart? Find out by watching this short video.

Special thanks to:

  • François Dénommée (Epigones Group)
  • Yusuf Desai (Gillani)
  • Ron Flannery (One Point Solutions)
  • Manal Fouad (eSmartSoft)
  • Hubert Hoeltz (Querix)
  • Syed Kamal (Gillani)
  • Mahmoud Kassen (eSmartSoft)
  • Cindy Lichtenauer (One Point Solutions)

Thanks to 1800sunstar.com for letting us use “Over the Rainbow” from Facing Future by Israel IZ Kamakawiwo ole.

Produced and distributed by GreenIvory (http://www.greenivory.com).