Schloss Schönbrunn in Vienna, Austria
Schloss Schönbrunn in Vienna, Austria

Phoenix, AZ, July 25, 2006 – IIUG (International Informix Users Group, continues major partnership with IDUG (International DB2 Users Group, to offer a unique training opportunity for Informix users throughout Europe.

The conference will be held in Vienna, Austria from October 2 to October 6. “We are really excited about delivering this event. It is a very unique opportunity to gather Informix users from all over Europe” says Stuart Litel, President of IIUG, “I love Vienna and the time of the year is perfect to spend time at the Schloß Schönbrunn”.

IIUG has selected top speakers and organized two tracks, fully dedicated to Informix developers and DBAs (database administrators). Informix users will also have access to 7 other tracks on DB2, Content Management, application development, etc. The week will be enriched by many Informix-only events like the unique “Ask the Experts” panel. Two additional workshops will focus on “Hands on with Advanced features of IDS 10” by Carlton Doe, and “Using Perl, DBI & CGI with Databases”, lecture by Darryl Priest, elected Best Informix Speaker at IDUG 2005.

The Conference Planning Committee (CPC) is proud to welcome Robert Picciano, VP of Information Management Sales, as the keynote speaker. CPC will also be welcoming senior IBM engineers Carlton Doe, Jonathan Leffler, Jon Ritson, John F. Miller III, Alexander Kvrner, Guy Bowerman, and many more. Also in attendance will be the IIUG Board of Directors including famous author Ron Flannery, and many more long time Informix users.

Steve Browning, Systems Analyst / Programmer at the Houston Courts (Texas, USA), who attended the North America IIUG/IDUG conference, says: “I felt that the conference was a tremendous value. [..] I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the individuals who design and maintain the Informix tools that I use every day to develop software. The ability to discuss optimal design and implementation methodology with them, as well as the options available in current IDEs and tools was a unique educational experience that is probably unobtainable elsewhere. I also felt a strong sense of community and purpose among the IIUG leadership, which I immediately identified with. I hope to attend as many future IIUG conferences as possible and will strongly recommend it to my colleagues.”

“The Informix Users base in Europe is very strong” acknowledges Paul Watson, chairing of European Conference Committee. “They have been asking for Informix content at conference and we are now delivering over 40 hours of training”.

“An incredible set of topics will be available for this occasion, including the state-of-the-art IDS v10, Cloudscape and Derby, many of the tools, Informix 4GL, EGL (Enterprise Generation Language), PHP and Java” concludes Gary Ben-Israel, co-chairing of European Conference Committee.

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