This article lists a few resources regarding Data Mesh. I will admit that this is a biased list of resources that I read/watched and, for some, re-read (some a few times and various editions).

This selection depicts the Data Mesh as imagined by Zhamak Dehghani. There are many “things” called Data Mesh, surfing on the term’s popularity. I kept a strong focus on the Data Mesh that follow the four principles of the paradigm:

  1. Domain Ownership.
  2. Data as a Product.
  3. Self-Serve Data Platform.
  4. Federated Computational Governance.

By following these principles as a guiding rule, I hope to follow the lineage that Dehghani has initiated.

Flight of local to NY craft beers, photo taken (and beer enjoyed) at my local tavern.


If you are more for “short reads”, here is a selection of articles around Data Mesh.

The foundational article by Zhamak Dehghani, dated May 20th, 2019: How to Move Beyond a Monolithic Data Lake to a Distributed Data Mesh.

A more mature article by Dehghani, dated December 3rd 2020, outlining the principles (see photo) and base architecture. Check out Data Mesh Principles and Logical Architecture.

I would also mention my post on the PayPal Technology Blog, which was very well received and is being increasingly popular: The next generation of Data Platforms is the Data Mesh.


There are two excellent books. I would highly recommend both of them if you are interested in going a little deeper in the topic.

Dehghani turned her experience and articles into what is now considered the reference book: Data Mesh: Delivering Data-Driven Value at Scale (O’Reilly).

A more practical book, that takes some liberties from Dehghani’s reference and offers a slightly different viewpoint: Data Mesh in Action (Manning Publications) by Jacek Majchrzak, Sven Balnojan, and Marian Siwiak.


If you are into visual and audio learning, there are a few videos on YouTube around Data Mesh.

Introduction to Data Mesh is my favorite video by Zhamak Dehghani. She did a few others, so feel free to browse for her content.

Yours, humbly, recorded and shared The next generation of Data Platforms is the Data Mesh — DataFriday 2×07 as part of my DataFriday series.

If you’re into podcasts, which I listen to when I mow (and I mow too much), you need to listen to Scott Hirleman’s Data Mesh Radio.


Definitely pay a visit to Scott Hirleman’s Data Mesh Learning, where you will find links to the newsletter and fast-growing Slack community.

I am happy to expand this list, through resources my way, in the comments, and I will consider them for inclusion in the main article.