Eleven is as important in Stranger Things than in Spark in Action, 2e
Eleven is as important in Spark in Action, 2e as she is in Stranger Things

A new chapter of Spark in Action, 2e, (formerly known as Spark with Java) is available. Chapter 11 is titled “Working with SQL”.

In chapter 11, you will explore how to use SQL with Apache Spark. Because SQL’s popularity and wide spread use makes learning how to embed SQL in Spark essential. In this chapter, we also explore how to determine the local or global scope of your views, mixing both the dataframe API and SQL, how to delete records in a dataframe, and more!

The labs are in GitHub, go star, clone, and fork them at https://github.com/jgperrin/net.jgp.books.sparkWithJava.ch11.

Please be sure to stop by the liveBook Discussion Forum with any comments or questions you have about the new chapter and the rest of the book. As always, we appreciate your feedback!

What’s next? Logically, chapter 12, “Transforming your data”.