Peanuts are not the only pride of Virginia as of today.
Peanuts are not the only pride of Virginia as of today.

This is really hot off the telescripter. Leading hosting company OVH is continuing its development in the United States and they will come to Virginia.

OVH announced today its decision to establish North American headquarters and first U.S. data center. OVH, which is not well known (yet) in the US is operating more than 250,000 physical servers (including the one you are currently using as you read this post) in 17 data centers and deploys its own fiber optic network of 7.3 Tbps bandwidth through three continents (America, Asia, and Europe).

Sure Virginia is more known for its peanuts and historical sites like Jamestown and Williamsburg, but they have managed to change the image of rurality thanks to the actions of people like former governor Kaine. North Carolina was a runner-up and I really shared as much as I could about the Tar Heel state. Unfortunately, it did not make it. HB2, McCrory, or any other stuff may have frightened the French leader in hosting.

Nevertheless, I am really happy that OVH will have a datacenter less than 250 miles away from Chapel Hill. Congratulations to Laurent Allard, Octave Klaba and Pascal Jaillon for brilliantly managing this first part of the project.

Read the full press release on the Virginia’s Governor website.


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