Printout handled and distributed during the celebration.
Printout handled and distributed during the celebration, describing me as an “IT veteran”. Gee… I am not that old, am I?

I rarely speak & write about myself on this blog, but for once, I’ll push away some humility. I started working for 2CRSI at the beginning of 2015. This fairly unique computer manufacturer has its headquarters in France and I started the business in the USA. In less than a year of business activity, we now have customers like the US Navy, the US Army, University of California in San Diego, HP, Microsoft, OpenDataSoft, Caltech… In December 2015, the Chamber of Commerce of the Strasbourg, Alsace area (where 2CRSI is from), gave awards for the most successful companies in export, based on their foreign sales results, as well as their strategy. 2CRSI received their “Export Trophy” based on our actions in 2015.

Antoine Latham writes in the regional newspaper, les Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace (DNA):

Dans la catégorie « Entreprise à fort potentiel », la société de production de matériel informatique 2CRSI, créée il y a dix ans et forte aujourd’hui de 42 salariés, est reconnue. Grâce à Jean-Georges Perrin, cette société pousse ses pions avec succès en Amérique du Nord.

For the sake of it, here’s a more comprehensible version:

In the category “Company with high potential,” the computer hardware manufacturer, 2CRSI, created ten years ago and now 42 employees strong, is recognized. Thanks to Jean-Georges Perrin, the company successfully grows in North America.

I am not claiming this award for myself but for the whole team who helped the company achieve this result. My friend and colleague Hamid Sraidi has run our Dubai operations since last summer. I am not done. Following our customers and markets, 2CRSI Corp. may hit Brazil and Mexico in 2016.


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