Going back to hardware! - Source:  DijutalTim, Flickr.
Going back to hardware! – Source: DijutalTim, Flickr.

You probably remember me as a software and Web “guy,” and you’re right. However, my earliest jobs —during college and just after— were in hardware, and I must admit I’ve missed it.

I am writing because I’m excited to share my news with you: I am thrilled to be back to hardware, as COO and VP North America of 2CRSI Corporation, a manufacturer of storage systems, high-performance computing (HPC), and customized IT appliances.

During my lifetime in technology, I have seen so many software projects that did not behave as expected as a result of incompatible, inadequate, or incomplete hardware. Sometimes, just adding a $100 component or upgrade could save days, if not months, on a project. The team I have joined at 2CRSI has an incredible track record for identifying and resolving those issues, as well as optimizing systems for peak performance for the unique needs of each customer. 2CRSI is a true computer manufacturer, not merely a system integrator.  

You may recall that I am a strong supporter of Informix, serving on the board of the International Informix Users Group, and even named IBM Champion for the 7th year in 2015. So what about my commitment to Informix? Even before I began working with 2CRSI, I had countless conversations with various Informix experts about designing an optimized server. I can only say that something very impressive will be announced at the IIUG conference in San Diego (April 26th-30th). It would be great to see you there! I will also be attending the NAB Show in Las Vegas (April 13th–16th). I hope we get a chance to connect!

I changed my blog’s baseline from “Software is beautiful, hardware is fun”.

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