My Sharpie Map of Chapel Hill, NC
My Sharpie Map of Chapel Hill, NC – Click on the picture to get it full size or download the PDF of the map.

My summer transhumance brought me to the sweet town of Chapel Hill in North Carolina. Chapel Hill is the birth city of the University of North Carolina (UNC) and a nice light blue color is visible across the city, from some street plates, to fire trucks, busses, and, of course, a bunch of students wearing this specific blue, the Carolina blue.

At first, navigating in this new (for me) city was a bit difficult and I relied blindly (too much) on my GPS and not enough on my brain. After a couple of weeks, I started finding my way out and finally draw this map with a bunch of Sharpies.

You’ll spot the very nice library of Chapel Hill, the Y (the joint YMCA for Chapel Hill and Carrboro).

I have not detailed the mall area, around Estes, but this is where you will find a few supermarkets (Whole Food, Harris Teeter, Trader Joe’s, and Food Lion), some specialty shops (ABC, Staples, …).

I did not put the airport, but I do not use my Gulfstream that much anymore.

Of course, feel free to comment or suggest additions. I wanted to keep it simple, ads free, and easy to understand. Hopefully it is not too wrong.

You can also download the PDF of the map if you prefer.

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