The Borg cube. Photo (c) IanTendy.
The Borg cube. Photo (c) IanTendy.

There are several things where resistance is really futile. Oh no, trust me, I do believe in Jean-Luc Picard and his French ancestors to save the federation from the Borg! Euh, well, I am getting off my subject here.

The first thing to stop resisting to, is business. If you are an entrepreneur, and I sincerely think I am one, then don’t try to avoid it. Just do it. That’s why I am really proud to announce my new business activities. Okay, I have been doing things for a while: combining the hunt for a ‘real’ job with money making activities. There is still one offer in the air, but, otherwise, I am ‘open for business’.

The second thing is evolution. How many of you are still using Windows XP (or earlier versions)? Thanks to my new customers & partners, I am now running Windows Vista with Office 2007. I am not pro-something or anti-something. I recognize quality and technology when I see it. Of course, I do have a few ‘glitches’ with Aero as my laptop is not of the latest generation, I still need to get accustomed to the nice ribbons in Office (and find how to do a PDF out of my Word docs).

So yes, resistance is futile, whether it comes to business, evolution or family. Be slowly and gently rocked by life and enjoy every moment of it!

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