InformixMag is not a traditional newspaper. Photo (c) just.Luc, Flickr.
InformixMag is not a traditional newspaper. Photo (c) just.Luc, Flickr.

What a day… I am glad I don’t have days like that everyday. It started yesterday. A friend of mine wanted me to help him on a tender, finalizing his approach and his strategy on a migration from a legacy technology to Java.

We scheduled a meeting at 4PM, we were both late, rescheduled at 8PM, finish the tender over a Chicken Tandoori and by the time I was in bed it was 2AM (this morning).

I knew today was the day and we had still a few things to do to be ready for the launch of the product. Well, probably too much things and the next video (yes there is one under preparation) will be slightly delayed. InformixMag was the #1 priority for the day.

InformixMag (.com) is the central place for Informix information: news, business opportunities, partners, forums and many more things. It’s a fairly large project whose visible part is a bit like the iceberg. Basically nothing. Under the cover, well, there is an under the cover with nice pieces of technology featuring a Cheetah. Of course, IBM will warn us: don’t use it in production, it’s beta. Sure… It works just great for us and it does a marvelous job for handling the data we need.

InformixMag is the first product to work with Cheetah runs in production.

So yes, it’s one of a day, as I write these lines, I am already the next day. No much sleep, but excitement and far too much caffeine (I won’t go on the espresso machine now, come over I’ll have one for you).

Thanks for passing by.