Guy Bowerman in Action
Guy Bowerman in Action

The first day of a conference is always fun: keynote announcing exciting new things, the joy of retrieving old friends, and discovering some new, finally putting a face on some e-mails or even some anonymous e-mail alias.

All that is gone on the second day: work starts.

The day started with my Java introduction to IDS developers, I should make a variation of it for DB2 developers, as it is very similar and it would certainly be beneficial to both communities.

Guy Bowerman explained us how to improve optimizations of your data access within your application. Some basic tips, like “uniformization” of the code page, can help improve the performance. But that is one tip out of… And don’t get me wrong, IDS works fine out of the box, it even works great, but depending on some constraints, like network latency, you can tune parameters.

Finally Jonathan Leffler admitted it: it is slow and there is quite some latency in Kansas. Ok, he was speaking about the network connection from Menlo Park to Lenexa. Gee… I wouldn’t believe one of our favorite development team is slow and has some latency…

My last session was Kate Tomchik’s list of task list for Informix and DB2 DBAs. Kate did a very nice investigation job. The life of those people must be sad. Starting the engine, stopping it, sometime killing it, updating the statistics… Hey guys & gals, come to software engineering, there’s life!

I think I need to precise that was my selection out of about 50 sessions being held today. And tomorrow’s a new day…