5.79 / 7 - not bad for a Frenchy
5.79 / 7 – not bad for a Frenchy

Early May, I was giving a lecture at the IDUG North America Conference and I just got my mark, 5.79. I think that’s not bad for a Frenchy.

It was not the first time I was giving a lecture, I did that many times for Four J’s and Awoma, during various User Conferences, but it was my first time for IDUG.

“What’s the difference?” would you ask? The selection process is quite tough. Many were rejected. The selection is done by your peers, not by a marketing driven person. You need to convince and prove that you are actually pretty good at it. I was flattered to be selected and I must admit I am quite proud of the result.

You missed the presentation? I am doing it (again) in Vienna, Austria during IDUG Europe 2006 at the beginning of October and I will add, based on the same format, an introduction to PHP.

Do you know the best thing about the conference in Vienna? I’ll turn 35 just in the middle of it.