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Jean-Georges "jgp" Perrin is a technology consultant focusing on building innovative and modern data platforms, president of AIDAUG, and author of Spark in Action, 2nd edition (Manning). [More]

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Ask me anything about Data Mesh!
What is going on in the Modern Data Engineering world?

How is 2024 going for you? Some people announced recently that the Modern Data Stack is dead, but is it… Continue Reading

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Data Catering — How you could replicate your production data flow in your local laptop

The problem Let’s imagine this scenario for a moment. I’ve recently been hired in a new company as a Software… Continue Reading

timelapse photography of stars at night
Reflecting on the past year

Taking some time today to reflect on the past year. I think that creating new knowledge drives me the most,… Continue Reading

Blood moon to sign your data contract
Welcome to the Open Data Contract Standard

Data contracts can follow the Open Data Contract Standard (ODCS) version 2.2. Check out opportunities to meet in September 2023.

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Data Mesh fir alle Àlter
Data Mesh for all ages is now available in Alsatian

Data Mesh for all ages is now available in Alsatian. Data Mesh for all ages is now available in Alsatian.

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Kruthika and Laveena and their journey to the center of a data quantum world. The Dall-E prompt is too complex: Two female superheroes carrying a shiny hexagonal device in a post-apocalyptic world, format 16x9, surrounded by hexagonal spaceships in cyberpunk.
Third Data Mesh Q&A session

As part of the Data Mesh Learning Community, Eric Broda invited Laveena Kewlani, Kruthika Potlapally, and me to discuss the implementation of Data Mesh at PayPal. This article answers questions that could not be answered in the conference.

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A data contract is a multi-party agreement between a data producer and its consumers
PayPal open sources its data contract template

PayPal releases its data contract template as an Apache 2.0 open source artefact. The data contract is a key element of the data product.

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A very personal understanding of visual impairment- constant fog and mist, hopefully this article can shed some light on Data Mesh for visually impaired
Reading of the Future of Data Platforms is Data Mesh

Hopefully, this article, with audio description, can shed some light on Data Mesh for visually impaired.

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Pieplines are not the most beautiful thing you can think of
Is the data pipeline the root of all evil?

This short article attempts at explaining the rle of the data pipeline in a data mesh.

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数据网格-面向全年龄段 cover

Data Mesh for all ages in Chinese is available now! Get it on Etsy at

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The delivery process is the final step, but it does not have to be complicated if the project was well managed
WordPress delivery checklist

Ask yourself the right questions before accepting the delivery of a WordPress website. Check out backup, infrastructure, domain, email, access, WordPress and its plug-ins and themes, analytics, and, of course, security.

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Hexagon for ever
Data Mesh raises more questions, here are the answers

Second day of Q&A around Data Mesh with IBM’s Technical Group about “ten lessons learned from building a Data Mesh.”

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Are neurons a form of data mesh
Q&A around Data Mesh

Q&A around Data Mesh following my talk with IBM’s Technical Group about “ten lessons learned from building a Data Mesh.”

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Data Mesh pour tous les âges

Après le succès de Data Mesh for all ages, je viens de publier la version française: Data Mesh pour tous les âges.

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Join us from the comfort of your lounge for a treat with IBM's Rob Thomas and Bill Higgins
AI geekeries & strategy

In 2023, AIDAUG will run a new edition of AI on Pi Day, inviting two IBM leaders in AI: Rob Thomas and Bill Higgins. Find out the details of this exciting event.

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Hot from the press

Data Mesh for all ages has come back from the printer and they look awesome. Have a look.

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Data Mesh for all ages
Data Mesh for all ages

Data Mesh for all ages is a pragmatic book for anyone interested in data, from six months old to 127 years old.

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My beer & bourbon Thanksgiving turkey

Beer and bourbon can make a juicy & tasteful turkey for Thanksgiving or any occasion. The recipe covers brine, prepping, and cooking.

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